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  • What are the steps?
    1) Show us the approximate dimensions and layouts of your cabinet(s) 2) Tell us your request and engage in design ideas discussion with us 3) Select materials with our guidance 4) Receive a free estimate from us 5) Schedule an appointment for us to get exact measurements 6) Our designer produces 3D drawings 7) Discuss the final design and final selections 8) Receive a final quote 9) Confirm contract details 10) Begin to create your dream home, with our help of course!
  • What kind of services are provided?
    1) Professional Design 2) Professional measurement 3) Custom cabinets 4) Custom countertops 5) Guarantee on-time delivery 6) Professional installation 7) Satisfied warranty and service
  • How to select cabinets?
    1. First, cabinets should not be chosen blindly. We need to make the choice based on available space to ensure the preferred cabinets fit the space. Generally, most cabinets have conventional specifications, but if you have special size requirements in mind, make sure you tell our staff and we will customize it for you. 2. While choosing the cabinet, selecting the right material is also very important because it ensures daily use and thus long life term of the cabinet. High quality material and good maintenance can greatly increase the life of the cabinet. Moreover, the safeness of the material is of utmost importance. Hence, there should be a balance in safety and price. All our cabinet materials are damp-proof, fire-proof, and insulated. 3. Hardware fittings should not be left out of consideration while purchasing cabinets. Although they are not a major part, hardware fittings have to undergo frequent use in push-pull maneuvers on a daily basis. Our experience tells us that the quality of hardware fittings is directly related to the service life of a cabinet. Thus, during the selection of cabinets, hardware fittings should be an area of investigation as well. 4. Furthermore, the appearance of cabinets should be consistent with the style of your home décor, so that the overall décor style and ambience is constant and undisturbed by the wrong choice of cabinet style. 5. Compare the different branded cabinets with quality, warranty, and after-sale service. The price of a branded product is determined by its quality and guaranteed by its after-sale service. A manufacturer selling sham, shoddy or low-price products usually dares not to provide the after-sale warranty. The terms of after-sale service are not only a manifestation of a manufacturer’s confidence in its products but also an important standard in testing their quality before purchase.
  • How to care for cabinets to ensure long service life?
    1. When using cabinets, always avoid placing hot items directly on top of a cabinet. Never place a cookware that was just lifted off a stove directly on top of a cabinet. Doing so may cause the cabinet to deform or decolor. 2. Despite the abundance of oil fume in the kitchen, the surface of cabinets is rather smooth. It is unnecessary to use abrasive objects when cleaning. Wiping with a table towel is sufficient. 3. To ensure long service life of a cabinet, always avoid placing any heavy objects on the cabinet, as this may compromise the cabinet.
  • Advantages of quartz stone surfaces
    1) Scratch resistant. Since miscellaneous things will be placed on a countertop randomly, scratches are inevitable in daily life. Quartz countertops have higher solidity which makes them less susceptible to scratches. 2) Pollutant-free. Quartz countertops are manufactured under vacuum condition, so they have high density and low water absorption ra tes. These qualities allow them to effectively resist the corrosion of acidic and alkaline substances. 3) Long service life. Quartz stone will not decolor as a result of scratch or corrosion, and it tends to maintain a sleek surface no matter how long it is used. In case of accumulated soot or stain, it can generally be cleaned up with detergent. If that is insufficient, you can even scrape with a knife.
  • About JF Warranty
    Customized wood items manufactured by JF are made of superior quality boards with meticulous care and rigorous process, which makes them last much longer than ordinary cabinets in service life. With careful maintenance in daily life, you do not need to worry about problems such as deformation or cracking. JF provides the following warranties on its products against damages – other than that of human force or force majeure: 2-year warranty of free repair of wood products with VINYL (PVC) surface 5-year warranty of free repair for wood products with paint coating surface 5-year warranty of repair for installation
  • Quartz Countertop Residential Warranty
    Quartz is an extremely hard material, and as well as JF's exquisite processing and professional installation technology, we guarantee you can get satisfactory products. It will offer you one of the best solutions for your residential countertop. As a countertops manufacturer, JF implements the following warranty policy on our manufactured Quartz countertops. To activate your warranty, please bring your proof of payment to our office and fill out a registration form (on display in our office). After completing all forms, the client's warranty will be activated, and a certificate will be e-mailed to you as soon as we verify your installation details. Warranty Duration The warranty period for Quartz material: It depends on the brand of Quartz you choose, and different brands have different warranty periods. JF ensures that the warranty period of the Quartz material is the same as that of the corresponding brand. The warranty period for Labor Service: One-year warranty for Labor Service. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of Quartz Residential Warranty. This warranty expires upon transfer of ownership of the property to subsequent parties. This warranty is not transferable and does not cover claims made by subsequent owners of your home. This warranty applies to Quartz Surfaces which have been permanently installed in an interior application and have not been removed from the original installation area. This warranty applies only to surfaces which have been maintained according to the Quartz Surface Care & Maintenance Guide. This warranty does not cover damage caused by product mishandling, improper care and maintenance, impact damage, heat damage, physical and chemical abuse, and damage resulting from exposing the product to extreme weather conditions. Quartz maintenance instruction: Daily Cleaning: Use water, dish soap, a paper towel or a damp sponge to absorb any spills after food preparation. Use any non-abrasive cleaner such as Formula 409, Lysol, Windex, and Fantastic to wipe away any excess. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly with a clean cloth. It is strongly recommended to clean up any spills/spots within 24 hours. Remove the tough mark: Leave any above cleaners to sit on the affected area for a few minutes. Soak the affected area with pads of paper towels for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub the area gently with a non-scratch pad, such as a Scotch Brite pad, in a circular movement. Rinse with clean water thoroughly. Dry thoroughly. Clean the adhesive stuff: Scrape the surface with a plastic putty knife. Any gray marks left by the blade can be removed with Soft Scrub All Purpose Cleanser. Caution the fowling: Do not use abrasive scrubs. Do not use harsh chemicals (Acetone, Var sol, Paint thinner, Bleach) or abrasive oven and plumbing cleaners (Drano, Easy OFF, and Liquid Plumber). These chemicals will dull the surface finish. Do not use products containing oils or powders because they leave a residue. Do not use knives directly on the quartz surface. Always use a cutting board. Do not place hot pots, pans, or electric skillet directly on the quartz surface. Always use trivets or hot pads. Extreme heat may cause thermal shock and crack the surface long-term. Minimize direct sun exposure to Sio4 Quartz. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight may discolor the surface finish. Sio4 Quartz is only for interior applications.
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